Uniform Policy 2019-2020

Morgan Academy is pleased to announce that Tommy Hilfiger will be our new uniform supplier. We have found the uniforms to be of better quality and price than our previous uniform supplier. Watch your email and our Facebook page for sale dates each summer!

*The logo shown on the website is not in our exact colors. The logo will be burgundy and gold.

UNIFORM WEBSITE:  www.globalschoolwear.com

  • Girls need to buy the new khaki skirts/skorts because of the length requirement. Tommy Hilfiger uniforms are made longer than previous uniforms. If old khaki skirts/skorts meet the length requirement, they will be allowed. The uniform length will be enforced. Do not hem or roll skirts/skorts so that uniforms are too short. Rule: skirts/skorts cannot be shorter than 4 inches when kneeling on the floor. (This includes the rear.)

  • Old plaid (skirts, skirts, jumpers) is discontinued and cannot be worn. You must buy new plaid from Tommy Hilfiger which will be available by October.

  • Boys must wear khaki from Tommy Hilfiger, Land’s End, Universal/Old Parker, or traditional looking khakis.

  • Old uniform shirts that are faded or dingy may not be worn.

  • The above mentioned basic, old pieces are grandfathered in for one year.

  • Game-day shirts must be collared.

  • T-shirts (Morgan approved) may be worn on Fridays only.

  • New Hilfiger sweatshirts with MA shield may be worn on weekdays.

  • Old sweatshirts and hoodies may be worn on Fridays only.

  • Jackets, including rain jackets, must be black, grey or cardinal.

** Amended by the School Board on Oct. 22, 2018:  Any student may wear their Morgan Academy jacket/pullover purchased from or sponsored by Morgan Academy (which includes all sport packs) to school with a uniform shirt underneath the jacket/pullover.  

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