Uniform Policy

  • Girls need to buy the new khaki skirts/skorts because of the length requirement. The uniform length will be enforced. Do not hem or roll skirts/skorts so that uniforms are too short. Rule: skirts/skorts cannot be shorter than 4 inches when kneeling on the floor or 2 inches from the top of the knee cap. (This includes the rear.)

  • Girls must buy new plaid from Tommy Hilfiger.

  • Boys must wear khaki from Tommy Hilfiger, Land’s End, Universal/Old Parker, or traditional looking khakis.

  • Old uniform shirts with old crest may not be worn.

  • Game-day shirts must be collared.

  • Morgan approved T-shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

  • New Hilfiger uniform sweatshirts with MA shield will be worn on weekdays (Monday through Thursday).

  • Morgan jackets/pullovers purchased from or sponsored by Morgan may be worn on cold weather days with a uniform shirt underneath the jacket or pullover.

  • Old, faded sweatshirts and hoodies may NOT be worn.

  • Jackets must be full zip, including rain jackets. They must be black, grey or cardinal.


 ** The dress code is strictly enforced and must be adhered to by all students. There are no exemptions or exceptions for religious, cultural, or other reasons.

 *** Please refer to the Student-Parent Handbook for more details concerning Morgan’s  dress code as well as the AISA Student Appearance Policy.

Our uniforms suppliers are Tommy Hilfiger and Land’s End.


UNIFORM WEBSITES:  www.globalschoolwear.com (Hilfiger) or www.landsend.com (Land’s End)