John Tyler Morgan Academy was incorporated as a non-profit educational institution in June, 1965.  The first school year at Morgan opened in September, 1965 with 119 students in grades one through six, with the school located in the old John Tyler Morgan House.


The 1966-1967 school year opened with 183 students with grades 7 and 8 attending classes in the Houston Park Church of Christ.  During this period, a new school building with 13 classrooms and a cafeteria was constructed on a 20-acre campus, 3.4 miles west of Selma on Highway 22.  In 1968, Morgan Academy received its accreditation from the Alabama State Department of Education.


In 1969, a high school building with 3 classrooms, a biology lab, chemistry lab, and office space was erected and the cafeteria was enlarged.  The 1970-1971 school year had 8 new classrooms and a gymnasium constructed, and the 12th and final grade was added.  Morgan Academy K-12 received accreditation from the Alabama State Department of Education and The Alabama Private School Association during the 1979 school year.


In 1979, a new office complex was constructed, and in 1980, a new 2-classroom building was constructed to house the kindergarten.  In 1983, the gymnasium was enlarged to include a band room, weight room, and coach’s office, dressing room for boys and girls, and storage for athletic equipment.  Additions include a kindergarten, numerous classrooms, a high school computer science laboratory, athletic fields, and football stadium, a spacious cafeteria, and an elementary playground.


In 1994, four new classrooms, boys and girls’ restrooms, teachers’ lounge, and storage area were added to the high school complex, and the library was remodeled and enlarged. In 1995, a new computer lab was completed for high school students.  In 1997, the previous computer lab was outfitted for elementary use.  Computer labs, office and the library had internet capabilities.  In 2002, a state-of-the-art gymnasium was completed, and the new science laboratory.


Meeting its academic requirements, Morgan Academy received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in August, 2003.


Since its formation in 1965, John T. Morgan Academy has grown in size of its physical plant, in its number of students, and most importantly, in the quality of the educational and social opportunities provided to its students.


The Board of Directors is grateful to the people who have given so generously of their time and resources to make Morgan Academy’s history rich and its future bright.


Former Headmasters of Morgan Academy are:  Mrs. Furniss Ellis, Mr. William Bernos, Mr. Don Raybon, Mr. Jack Moseley, Mr. Jack Vardaman, Dr. Jack Miller, Dr. Christopher de Buzna, Mr. Randy Skipper, Mrs. Martha McKnight, Mr. Mark Knight, and Mrs. Karim Oaks as interim Headmaster. Our current Headmaster, Dr. Bryan Oliver, was hired July, 15, 2021.