Uniforms may be purchased from Tommy Hilfiger and Land's End Uniforms online. Please go to forms and downloads for a list of items that may be worn. The new logo is the MA shield.

Helpful Hints about uniform policy

Any black or grey jacket may be worn.

We have blue jean Fridays where students may wear blue jeans and any Morgan t-shirt.  These are sold during the year through homerooms.

For Girls in grades K-3-no flip flops or heels over 2 inches may be worn. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel shoes. Elementary students need tennis shoes for PE.

For Boys in grades K-3- no flip flops may be worn. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel shoes. Elementary students need tennis shoes for PE.

For Girls in grades 4-12– No flip flops or heels over 2 inches may be worn. Open-toe shoes and boots may be worn. Elementary students and high school students need tennis shoes for PE.

For Boys in grades 4-12– No flip flops may be worn. Boots may be worn. Elementary and High school students need tennis shoes for PE.


All school rules apply in the carpool line. This applies to Junior High and High School Students as well as Elementary.


                        Upon arriving at school in the mornings, drive on the left side of the driveway ONLY, forming a SINGLE FILE line of cars.                                 Also, please keep the far-left walker’s lane clear.

                        Unload students ONLY between the two yellow lines.


  • For afternoon carpool, there will be three lines of traffic in the driveway. Upon arriving at the school, please pull up as closely as possible to the car in front of you in order to allow as many cars as possible in the driveway.

  • When school is dismissed, children may enter only the cars between the two yellow lines. When those cars are loaded, a teacher will raise a flag and the three lanes will move, beginning with the outside lane (closest to Dallas Avenue) and the other cars in lane will move forward.

  • The teacher will again raise a flag when it is safe for the next group to load.

  • Please remember that these guidelines have been developed in order to protect your children. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

  • Before 7:00 a.m. and after 3:30 p.m. there will not be adult supervision on campus. Please do not bring your children before or leave them after the above times. Supervision is offered for K-6 from 7:00 – 7:40 in the library. After school care is available at $10 per day per child.  Any child K-6 not picked up in carpool by 3:20 will be sent to after school care and will be charged $10 a day per child.

  • Students should not be dropped off or picked up in the high school parking lot unless they ride with a high school student who parks there.

  • Parents driving vehicles for class field trips and arriving prior to 8:00 a.m. are to park in the rear of the school on the elementary side.


The Morgan Cafeteria offers lunch tickets for sale. The price of regular lunch is $4.00 per day for elementary students and $4.25 per day for high school students. Each student is assigned an account number, and parents can make deposits to accounts of any amount. Students may purchase extra or a la carte servings that are charged individually. The cafeteria also has ice cream and other snack items that are sold separately. You will be notified by email when your balance is low.


Emails and text are sent out through Blackboard Connect to give parents information about school news, as well as emergency information. Please make sure we have your valid email and cell numbers

  PowerSchool / Schoology  

Each family will receive user names and codes to access these programs that allow families to view school announcements, student grades, attendance reports and homework. New families will receive this information at the start of the school year.


John T. Morgan Academy Facebook page

Make sure to “like” this page. It is updated with what is going on at school. It’s a great way to see pictures of activities around the school, information about upcoming events, and a week-at-a-glance.

Morgan Academy Trading Post

This is a closed group. However, you may request to join or get one of the office staff to request to add you. It a place to buy or sell used uniforms and text books.