Dr. Bryan Oliver, Headmaster

Mrs. Karim Oaks, Director of Instruction

Mrs. Sheryl Schroeder, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Betty Carol Swindle, Director of Technology

Coach Danny Raines Athletic Director, Head Football Coach


Mrs. Terri Austin, Kindergarten

Mrs. Kathryn Granthum, First Grade

Mrs. Susan Hand, First Grade

Mrs. Nancy Cauley, Second Grade

Mrs. Fran Spivey, Third Grade

Mrs. Catherine Thomas, Third Grade

Mrs. Reyndy Ammons, Fourth Grade

Mrs. Janet Bennett, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mrs. Harriett Broussard, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mrs. Christy Mathiews, Fifth & Sixth Grade

Mrs. Cam Guarino, Art

Mrs. Lisa Sexton, Music

Mrs. Carrie Hagood, Media Specialist/Librarian


Coach Matthew Allen, History,  Asst. Football , Boy's Basketball , Softball Coach

Mrs. Juanita Barrett, English

Mrs. Trish Karn,  Junior High Math

Mrs. Jennifer Brooks, Math

Coach Stephen Clements, Health, Asst. Football, Head Baseball Coach

Ms. Mary Cook, English, Spanish

Coach Glen Graham, Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Cam Guarino, Art

Mrs. Alex Harrelson, Honors English, English 9

Mrs. Whitney Holladay, Math, Varsity Cheer

Mrs. Kim Jones, American History , Geography, SGA

Coach Lebo Jones ,  Jr High Computer, PE, Asst. Football, Girls' Basketball


Mr. Tommy Lenoir, Chemistry, 7th and 8th grade Science, ACT Prep

Mr. David Moore, Physics, Anataomy, Biology

Mrs. Lisa Sexton, Music

Coach Baxter Stinson, Head Tennis Coach

Mrs. Betty Carol Swindle, Computer


Mrs. Jennifer Chance, Secretary/Nurse

Mrs. Paula Palmer, Secretary

Mr. Jed Kirk, Bookkeeper


Mrs. Michelle Moring, Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Lisa Etheridge, Assistant


James Hurry

Marquise Wright